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Importance of a repeatable sales cycle

Startups often get quizzed by potential investors about the selling process – questions like – “Who is the decision maker for your products”, “How do you locate them?”, “What is the length of the sales cycle” “Where do you get … Continue reading

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Rise of B2B invoice financing

A new, and rather Welcome addition to the PE asset class in India is the rise of working capital financing. Alok Mittal wrote a nice, concise article¬†explaining the benefits of this type of financing. Invoice Financing is an extremely handy … Continue reading

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Why the HR industry is ripe for classical disruption

A recently article rightly points out how India (and the rest of the world) can reap huge rewards by leveraging modern age technology into virtually any HR process: hiring, predicting performance, retention, choosing optimal benefits, among others. The explosion in … Continue reading

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Why later stage VCs buyout early investors

There is constant chatter in the startup/VC ecosystem on the practice of later stage (Series B or later) investors buying out ‘early’ investors (Seed, Angels, etc). Later stage investors come in with larger rounds of financing ($10m or more) with … Continue reading

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From the US Vantage point

Travelling to the Silicon Valley (that’s what I’m doing right now) and interacting with investors and other key actors in the ecosystem here is the best opportunity to get abreast of the latest trends, developments, anecdotes and the rhetoric from … Continue reading

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StarUp 2017

aH! Ventures is a premier crowdfunding platform in the Indian startup ecosystem. This past weekend they held StarUp 17 – a wonderful event for the startup ecosystem in Bangalore. True to form, the event attracted numerous people – founders, bankers, … Continue reading

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Putting VC dry powder to good use

Inc 42 recently summarized, in excellent fashion, the steady uptick in Investment activity in 2017. While some of these numbers can get skewed by the sheer quantum of the Flipkart investment and also by the fact that 2016 was indeed … Continue reading

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