From the US Vantage point

Travelling to the Silicon Valley (that’s what I’m doing right now) and interacting with investors and other key actors in the ecosystem here is the best opportunity to get abreast of the latest trends, developments, anecdotes and the rhetoric from the Tech industry. Some of the learning from the past couple of weeks;

  • Everyone is doing or aspiring to do account-based marketing.  The “me-too” phenomenon is rife in ABM
  • Even pure Software companies are raising hundreds of millions of dollars for expansion. Gainsight is one well-known example, but there are others too..
  • Gaining users, usually unprofitably, with the goal to exit in a couple of years is still a viable strategy. In other words, kick the “monetize can” down the road and let the acquiring company figure out how to do it.
  • Going to India-based VCs is also a viable option — especially in scenarios where their local connects can be put to good use to set up engineering and development centers in India.
  • Expanding to the US markets still remains a significant, if not formidable, challenge for B2B Enterprise Software companies coming out of India. The aspiration remains to emulate the business models of Israeli companies that manage to market into the US geography with relative ease.

Will update this post as I learn more. Stay tuned..





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