StarUp 2017

aH! Ventures is a premier crowdfunding platform in the Indian startup ecosystem. This past weekend they held StarUp 17 – a wonderful event for the startup ecosystem in Bangalore.

True to form, the event attracted numerous people – founders, bankers, investors, lawyers, students, and more.  These events are a great way to get a pulse on all the exciting innovations in the industry, as well as to get the latest news (and more from the grapevine) on who is raising the next round, which ones are holding fire sales, which investors are raising new funds etc..

The highlight, for me, was a most wonderful and inspiring presentation by Dr Velumani – founder of Thyrocare.  His is a quintessential success story – leaving a small city (Coimbatore) for Mumbai, founding a company and then slogging his way (the trend term today is ‘growth hacking’) to the top. His mantra – make profits by establishing the lowest cost base and pass benefits on to end-consumers. In other words, be the best at volume plays in markets. For a nice read on his success story, check out this article from rediff.

Other noticeable trends – a fair amount of startups facilitating better pet -management: social networks around pets, healthcare for pets and such. Also a few startups focused on making business communication less “noise-free” and more meaningful – that is, trying to be the Linkedin or WhatsApp for businesses. And a few others in the EdTech sector – adding layers of gamification to traditional learning to make it more meaningful, engaging and profitable.

Pat on the back to the aH! Ventures Team..



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